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Posts Tagged ‘hydroponic garden’


Understanding How the Aerogarden Works

The smart garden on your Aerogarden is the brain of the whole operation. These gardens rely entirely on water and the specific amount of nutrients to ensure that the plants grow quickly and healthy. It makes the overall experience of gardening easy and quick. The name Aerogarden comes from the fact that the roots of [...]

Adding Green to the Classroom

What a better way to encourage and teach healthy eating at school than an indoor garden? It’s a great way to teach children the importance of their vegetables and a fun way to teach them about hydroponics. They will enjoy taking turns taking care of the garden and even taking it home to share it [...]

Winter is Upon us!

Many are turning to the indoor garden as winter is quickly approaching. There is nothing better than to have your own, home grown, fresh veggies, herbs, and flowers in the winter when it’s impossible to plant anything outside. You don’t worry about having dirt all over the floor when you take care of your home [...]

Get your Hydroponic Garden Kit Today

Here at Aerogarden we offer a great hydroponic garden kit which you can have right in your kitchen so you always have fresh home grown herbs at your fingertips at all times. The kit comes in black or white and has everything you need to get started. There are seeds for the main herbs you [...]

So what is a Hydroponic Garden anyway?

A hydroponic garden is described simply as a garden without soil. The actual roots of the plants are placed in water without any dirt or soil. There are cases in which other materials are used to keep them in place with an inert medium such as gravel, perlite, or mineral wool. After intense research it [...]