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Aerogarden Salad Greens

'I love the fact that I get fresh salad leaves from my aerogarden. Save's me atrip to the shops.'

  • Seeds included - Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Red Butterhead and Romaine.
  • This seed kit when used with the aerogarden will produce fresh ready to eat salad leaves in two weeks.
  • Whats in the kit - Organic based Nutrients, pre-seeded grow pods and tending and harvesting guide.

Go from seed to salad in three to four weeks, then enjoy continuous, ongoing harvests from a delicious bouquet of seven lettuce varieties. enjoy fresh lettuce at your fingertips with no pesticides or washing needed. perfect for making salads, adding to sandwiches or garnishing your meals.

Lettuce varieties include Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Red Butterhead and Romaine. Begin harvesting in four weeks and enjoy continuous harvests for three to four months.
The kit includes organic-based Nutrients, pre-seeded Grow Pods and Tending & Harvesting Guide.

Price: £14.99

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