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AeroGarden Seed Kits

The Seed Kits shown below are all 7-pod kits suitable for the AeroGarden Classic. If you have any questions regarding any of the seed kits below please call us directly.

Aerogarden Cherry Tomato Seed Kit

This Aerogarden Cherry Tomatoes Seed Kit includes three pre-seeded...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Enjoy up to 4 months of harvests of basil, thyme, dill, mint, chives...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden Chili Pepper Seed

Three varieties of zesty chili peppers to offer a full range of chili heat and flavor...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden Salad Greens Seed Kit

Go from seed to salad in three to four weeks, then enjoy continuous, ongoing harvests...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden Master Gardener Seed Kit

The Master Gardener Kit lets you plant and grow your own favorite seeds...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden Italian Herb Seed Kit

Grow a full range of Italian stlye fresh hrebs for your kitchen...

Sale: £14.99

Aerogarden International Basil Seed Kit

Exotic basil flavors from around the world take your cooking and salad prep...

Sale: £14.99

Pack of Three Aerogarden Seed Kits

Three of our favourite seed kits contains Romaine seeds, Gourmet Herbs ...

Sale: £39.99

Aerogarden Romaine Salad Seed Kit

A mixture of crispy, sweet, red and green leaf Romaine varieties that are great...

Sale: £14.99

All kits contain 7 seed pods, seven Domes, Growing nutrients and Growing guide, except for salad chef pack and herb chef pack which contain 14 seed pods and 14 domes, plus nutrients for two season of growth and one growing guide.

Aerogarden Salad Chef Seed Pack

Create spectacular salad gardens - from the familiar to the gourmet - for salads, sandwiches,...

Sale: £27.99

Aerogarden Herb Chef Seed PacK

Grow two seasons of culinary herbs from around the world...

Sale: £27.99