Seven Reasons to Buy One

1. You can now garden all year round

• Extends the growing season to 365 days a year
• No weeds, no pesticides, and no mess.
• Perfect for gardeners in with limited space such as flats.

2. Fresh homegrown herbs and vegetables

• Garden-fresh food available all year round.
• Grow a wide variety of salad greens, tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, flowers, and more.

3. Revolutionary aeroponic technology–plants grow in air and water, not soil

• NASA-proven space age technology; plants grow five times faster than in soil.
• Grows significant quantities of herbs and vegetables yearly.
• Guaranteed harvests in 28 days (herbs and salad greens) .

4. Plug-and-grow is easy for all to use

• Grow-bulbs included to ensure healthy growth without natural light.
• Preseeded grow pods ensure 100 percent germination, often within 24 hours.
• Microprocessor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water flow for specific plant types.
• The Aerogarden reminds you when to add water and nutrients.

5. Easy, no-mess seed starting for transplanting into outdoor gardens

• Grow indoors to maturity and harvest, or use as a seed starter for outdoor gardens.
• Seeds germinate quickly and establish healthy root systems for transplant.
• Oxygen-rich growing chamber is ideal for propagation and rooting of plant cuttings for cloning plants of your choice.

6. Convenient, no-mess, hassle-free growing

• Plant in minutes, sprout in days, harvest continuously for months.
• Low maintenance – healthy, vibrant gardens will take up less than 10 minutes a month of your time.

7. Organic-based, timed-release nutrient tablets for healthier plants

• Perfect nutrition and pH balance with more than 60 macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal plant health and abundant harvests.

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