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January 23rd, 2009

aerogarden-tortoiseOver the last month or so at Aerogarden Towers we have noticed an increase in customers who are using their salad greens to feed their pet tortoises.  It is well known that these beloved land dwelling reptiles are herbivores, typically eating a diet based on alfalfa (in the UK this is known as Lucerne), clover or dandelions.

Many customers have found that the salad greens seed kit can be used as an ideal part of a tortoise’s diet, because they are organic salad greens. Although several customers have taken it one step further – purchasing an aerogarden starter kit with a salad green seed kit solely to feed their salad loving chums.

“I am very impressed indeed and setting it up with the aim of providing fresh food all winter to my non-hibernating tortoises – perhaps an unusual use for it. I will no doubt be back ordering seed packs and bits and pieces.”

So if you own a tortoise and are struggling to find adequate winter food for them, get in touch with us at Aerogarden towers on 0845 170 7555 or

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