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What are the Dimensions of the Box you send the Aerogarden in?

July 20th, 2010

An Aerogarden Box Being Packed up in the Warehouse

This is a question that we sometimes get asked, and so we thought we would just pop a quick post up to let everyone know the dimensions of ¬†the box that we send out aerogardens in. We use a double-walled card board box that is nice and sturdy, and it is….
Length: 54cm
Width: 38cm
Height: 33 cm

The weight of the parcel for an aerogarden starter kit is roughly 7kg, and an aerogarden annual kit is roughly 8kg

Hope you find it useful!

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Aerogardens back in stock!

March 18th, 2009

After our time without Aerogardens due to excessive demand we are pleased to tell customers that we now have  aerogardens in stock. After having our spirits lifted by the new influx of the gourmet herb seed kits and a new surge in Aerogarden sales we are pleased to have our full range available to customers.

aerogarden-chilli-pepper-seed-kitIn the meantime however there is plenty of stock of all the seed kits which are just waiting to be found new homes in cosy Aerogardens. The Chilli Pepper seed kits are proving to be very popular, people obviously wanting to make some nice spicy food to go with the re-emergence of the sun!

You can find all the seed packs that we offer by clicking here

Our daily quote this time comes from Oscar Wilde;

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

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