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February 16th, 2009

aerogarden-unit-featuresWe thought it would be helful for readers to give a comprehensive account of what the most common problems, solutions and preventions are with regards to troubleshooting and the aerogarden.

As with any appliance with electrical and moving parts there can occasionally be problems, many of them can be prevented. If you wish to talk through a problem with your aerogarden please call us on 0845 170 7555 and we will be happy to help.

The L.E.D lights on the base of the aerogarden are on, but one of the bulbs is not working

- First check whether there is a problem with the bulb itself not the socket by switching the aerogarden off at the mains, swapping the two bulbs, and turning back on. More likely than not the suspect bulb will still not come on whilst the other will. This is because an electrical fault has caused the bulb to blow. Contact us to get the bulb replaced within its 6 month warranty period ( customers only)

- If however the problem appears to be with one of the bulb sockets, you may need to replace your lamp hood or have the aerogarden inspected and repaired/replaced. Contact us.

- You can help prevent any problems with bulbs blowing by ensuring the aerogarden is always switched off at the mains when removing or insertings bulbs (the same goes for the water bowl).

The L.E.D lights on the base of the aerogarden are on, but both lights are not coming on

- Consider whether the lights are in their ‘off’ period in the 24hr cycle. See our entry on light and pump settings

- If you think the bulbs should be in their “on” period and are not, first check that the power lead that connects the base to lamp hood is securely plugged in

- It is possible though unlikely that both bulbs have developed electrical faults that caused them to ‘blow’. If you have any spare bulbs, test these in the aerogarden (always ensuring to switch off at the mains when removing or inserting bulbs). There my also be some slight black colouring around the bulb sockets if the bulbs have blown

- If the problem appears not to be with the bulbs themselves or ou cannot tell, you may need to have the lamp hood of the aerogarden replaced. Contact us.

The aerogarden is not turning on; the L.E.D lights are not illuminated

- Check that the aerogarden is plugged into the mains and whether there is any damage to the power lead

- If so there has probably been an electrical fault developed within the aerogarden base. You will need to have this part of the aerogarden replaced. Contact us.

The L.E.D lights on the base of the aerogarden are on, but I can’t hear/see any water trickling through/ my seeds aren’t growing at all

- See our pump troubleshooter

My aerogarden is running but has become noisy

- See our pump troubleshooter

That should pretty much cover any problems that may arise with the aerogarden unit itself, if this doesn’t answer your problem please call us on 0845 170 7555 or email

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