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Aerogarden Nutrient Tablets Information

February 8th, 2008

Aerogarden Nutrient Tablets

What is in the nutrient tablets?

The actual composition of the nutrient tablets, according to the “gourmet herb” seed kit on page 31 in the Gourmet Herb seed kit manual. Aerogarden nutrient tablets consist mainly of mineral salts. These provide the 13 micro and macro nutrients that all plants require, in just the right proportions for your herb plants.
The tablets also contain:

  • Seaweed for a boost of 70 micro nutrients and trace elements.
  • A buffer so you can use tap water for your plants.
  • A binder to hold the tablet together

Are the nutrients organic?
The Aerogarden nutrient tablets are organic, according to current AAPFCO (American Association of Plant Food Control Officials) standards. They have not as yet been tested by British Organic standards but this is something that the US manufacturer is aiming to have done in this year.

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