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Decorating Aerogarden for the Holidays

November 22nd, 2011

If you already own an Aerogarden, you are well aware of the endless possibilities for including it in your house decorations. We have shared pictures of how amazing our indoor garden can look, if you put a little time and imagination and decorate it. Some of our customers have shared pictures if their own gardens and share with us that when decorated they not only look good, but the time spent decorating them is great. You unwind your imagination and are free to transform it to anything you like.  The Christmas holidays are near, so we thought that we can remind you can include your garden in the Christmas decorating as well. Sure, you probably have your Christmas tree to decorate, but how about that little, gorgeous looking device that presents so many possibilities? Just take a look at your garden. First you have to consider what kind of plants you have there, and will they endure heavy ornaments hung on them. Inspect the stems and then buy decorations. You might want to go with some miniature ornaments, made of very light material, so you make sure you won’t harm the plant. You can even put some Christmas lights in the garden and lit it up. The LED lights will not harm the plant. You can put miniature dolls inside the garden like a mini Santa Claus for example and some miniature boxes of presents.

The Aerogarden will provide you with fresh herbs, salads and flowers while contributing to the holiday spirit as well!

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Decorating your Indoor Garden for Halloween

October 21st, 2011

You look around your home and see wonderful Halloween decorations everywhere until you see your little Aerogarden Indoor Garden. Though attractive, it’s not fitting with the surrounding decorations as aside from the beautiful greens inside it there isn’t much colour. Here are several things you can do to bring it into the atmosphere of the festivities around your home.

The easiest way to go is to either cut out different Halloween themed shapes from construction paper and paste them onto the garden with scotch tape or use all natural decorations, such as leaves from the beautifully coloured trees of the season. If you want to really go a bit further, simply visit your nearby crafts store and scope out the decorations available. You can tape any type of decoration onto the Aerogarden as long as it’s not too big. There are also great Halloween themed garlands which you can string around the contraption and even throughout the plants growing in the garden.

Want to get extra creative, cut out little grave stones, black cats, spooky ghosts, and dark trees small enough to be put in between the plants in your garden, this is also an ideal way to decorate any garden, whether it’s an indoor garden or outdoors.

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