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Cilantro (coriander) in the Aerogarden Gourmet Herb kit

March 18th, 2010

We have had some customers come to us over the past 6 months or so who have purchased a Gourmet Herb seed kit and been disappointed (or pleasantly surprised) to find that the kit didn’t come with a cilantro (coriander) seed pod as they might have expected.

This subject has been due a blog post for a while so we apologise for the tardiness of posting it, but just to clarify, the seed pod in the Gourmet herb kit which used to be cilantro has now been replaced by thyme. The cilantro had a slightly lower rate of germination than the other seeds in the kit, and has been changed to Thyme in order to make it possible for us to continue to honour our germination guarantee on all Aerogarden seed kits.

So our apologies to those whom this change has disappointed. If you do still have your heart set on growing coriander in the Aerogarden, then we recommend that you purchase some coriander seeds from your local garden centre, and plant them in the Aerogarden using the master gardener seed kit, which allows you to grow your own seeds of any practically any variety.

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Photos from a first time aerogardener

November 13th, 2008

This week we’ve received some photos from a new aerogardener, who planted his garden on the 3rd November. Nick Blumire in Somerset was kind enough to respond to our request for photos of customer aerogardens with some great pictures of his new aerogarden starter kit with his gourmet herb seed kit just beginning to germinate.

He’s sent us two sets – one at 3 days since planting, and a further set a week later. Have a look at these lovely sprouts!

DAY 3 …

DAY 7 …

DAY 7 …

All photos shown with the kind permission of their owner Nick Blumire – thank you Nick.

Top aerogarden tip of the day

NEVER remove the aerogarden bowl, or grow bulbs whilst the aerogarden is turned on. Always switch off at the mains when doing either of these, as it interrupts electrical connections in the aerogarden, and could cause electrical faults in your base.

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