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A Herb Bouquet with Aerogarden

July 8th, 2011

Aerogarden gives you an opportunity to raise beautiful flowers at home. But what if your garden is full of herbs only? There is no need to worry, because herb bouquets are the latest trends. They are beautiful, green and they smell delicious. If you have grown basil with our kit you will know that it grows very fast. This means you will always have fresh basil leaves to put in a little vase. And the aroma is magnificent. You can put some dill in the herb bouquet as well. Here is a little trick. Every time you go by the bouquet, just brush the leaves a little. It will make them smell stronger and the aroma will fill the room. A herb bouquet like that is perfect for your dining room. It will bring this specific smell in the area and it will get you ready to eat. The basil aroma will be preparing your guests for the delicious dinner you have cooked. A herb bouquet is also a nice idea for your terrace. If you do not have any pots with flowers there the herbs will bring that green into the terrace. A herb bouquet will make any house or apartment a very homey place. You can even bring this to your place of work. A nice green bouquet, that you can sprinkle over your lunch – wouldn’t that be great?

Aerogarden gives you so much opportunities to be creative – it gives you the ingredients – just use your imagination!

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Power Outage Reset

July 1st, 2011

Aerogarden UK has received numerous questions concerning a reset of the garden if a power outage occurs. Sometimes, when that happens the Aerogarden needs to be reset, because the lights on the control panel do not light up. This might happen to a brand new indoor garden, or to your 2 year old garden. The power outage can affect any electrical appliance for that matter. You should not worry about this. Here is what you have to do if your panel does not light up after a power outage, or you are worried that something else might have gone wrong when that occurred.

Choose a selection of plants, except the following – advanced features, strawberries or live plants. When you have selected a plant mode press the button and hold it for a few seconds. When the lights star circling around you can release the button. The grow lights will also turn off and on when you do that. When you release the button, immediately press and then quickly release the “Reset” button. It is very important not to hold that button. This should reset the system. If the reset is done correctly, your plant selection will turn back to “Tomatoes/Peppers” and you will see the “Add Nutrient” light flash.

If you experience any difficulties in the reset or you have any other questions about your garden, contact Aerogarden UK and we will give you further instructions.

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