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April 8th, 2008

 Therefore for those desperate to plant strawberries in their Aerogarden, here is a step by step guide to Strawberry growing from a young plant. This has worked for us in the UK using a basic Aerogarden kit alongside the Master Gardener Seed kit. This method uses partly grown plants but you could decide to grow from seed following the instructions in the manual for the Master Gardener Seed Kit.

Step 1: Find Some Strawberry Plants to Transplant into your AeroGarden The first step is to find some already existing live strawberry plants. Most nursery’s or garden centres will stock them at certain times of the year. Make sure that the plants you use have a good, healthy root system and are not too developed. Please remember that they have to be able to grow within the structure and size of the Aerogarden.

 Aerogarden Strawberry 1

Step 2: Trim the Roots

If the strawberry plants have been growing for any length of time, the roots may have become quite large. Before transplanting into your Aerogarden, the excess roots need to be trimmed to allow the plant to be fitted into the Seed pods (and into the base of the Aerogarden).

Aerogarden Strawberry 2

Step 3: Prepare the Aerogarden Seed Pods

The Aerogarden seed pods need preparing for the strawberries. The easiest thing to do is to use the AEROGARDEN MASTERGARDENER KIT – which allows you to grow your own seeds:

Aerogarden Strawberry 

  1. Take out the grow sponge and split it in half all the way down (there is an existing tear in all the sponges which you can use)
  2. Place the strawberry plant inside the two halves, and place it back into the seed pod.
  3. Place the completed seed pod back into your AeroGarden  (you may decide to use spacers between the plants eg. three pods used and four pods as spacers – as this will allow you to bush the plants out more.This method is used with tomato seed kits for the Aerogarden)
  4. Hold the reset button down for 8-10 seconds. When the unit resets, switch the controls to “Strawberries” or “Live Plants”
  5. The strawberries will need added water and nutrients as with any other Hydroponic plant but these are provided within the Master Gardener Seed Kit. In a few weeks you should see the plants develop significantly. They should crop for at least a month.

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