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Aerogardens back in stock!

March 18th, 2009

After our time without Aerogardens due to excessive demand we are pleased to tell customers that we now have  aerogardens in stock. After having our spirits lifted by the new influx of the gourmet herb seed kits and a new surge in Aerogarden sales we are pleased to have our full range available to customers.

aerogarden-chilli-pepper-seed-kitIn the meantime however there is plenty of stock of all the seed kits which are just waiting to be found new homes in cosy Aerogardens. The Chilli Pepper seed kits are proving to be very popular, people obviously wanting to make some nice spicy food to go with the re-emergence of the sun!

You can find all the seed packs that we offer by clicking here

Our daily quote this time comes from Oscar Wilde;

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

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Aerogarden Chilli Pepper Review

February 7th, 2008

The Aerogarden Chilli Pepper seed kit was one of the first sets of seed kits released in the UK . This review is taken from our affiliated American site (they have had the kit much longer to grow fully).

The kit sprouted right on schedule just like the last ones and seemed to grow just as quickly. I followed the directions in the AeroGarden tending and harvesting guide and trimmed back the plants when they were about 2 weeks old. After another week I could already tell that trimming the plants made a big difference and encouraged much more leaf and stem growth. At about 4 weeks my chili pepper plants began to flower! I was excited. With the Chili Pepper Seed Kit, just as the Cherry Tomatoes and other flowering kits, you have to pollinate the flowers by hand once they bloom, otherwise no peppers will develop. I didn’t want to risk growing a pretty plant with NO fruit, so I used a trick my grandpa use to use on his tomatoes. I got an old small paintbrush and actually brushed the pollen of the flowers onto each other. This way, I could ensure that each flower would produce a pepper.

Signs of Success:

Sure enough, shortly after I pollinated the flowers I began to see small little bud (baby pepper fruits) forming which quickly grew into full blown chili peppers and lots of them. It was a blast to watch the peppers change colors. I have to admit, that even though I like salsa and spice, the chili peppers in this kit were a little too hot for my taste, but none the less it was a beautiful kit to grow. It basically served its purpose as a beautiful, decorative house plant. Everbody that came to our house commented about how much they liked it.

Overall Summary

Overall, the Chili Pepper Seed Kit for the AeroGarden was a fun kit to grow. Although the peppers didn’t really get used due to being a little too hot & spicy, they provided an attractive and unique accent to our home and were very fun to grow and look at.


Aerogarden Chili Pepper Seed kit – Three varieties of zesty chili peppers to offer a full range of chili heat and flavor to spice up your cooking. Includes two Jalapeno (Mexican cooking favorite), two Red Fire (great for Asian dishes), and three Purple Super Hot (for colour and punch) Seed Pods. Harvestable fruit in about twelve weeks with hundreds of peppers produced for up to six months.

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