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Basil Fiesta

June 15th, 2011

You have not experienced the beauty of gardening until you have an indoor garden. An Aerogarden is the little device you will instantly fall in love with. This magic device will grow so many wonderful herbs, spices, salads, veggies and fruits that you will find yourself wondering how you could have lived without it. Here is some of the magic this garden will create for you. Fast growing Basil. Who doesn’t like Basil? This is one of the herbs that most of us would like to find in our fridge form time to time. Fresh aromatic basil. You do not want to go for the dried one. The aroma is not the same at all. When you do not have a garden to grow it, you buy it. But it darkens and dries out soon if you do not use it quickly. But with Aerogarden you can have it all the time. And the beauty of it is that it is one of the fastest growing herbs. You will never run out of it. In fact, you can use this delicious herb almost all the time – you all know, you will not get tired of it. You will have enough to make your own pesto – much better than the store bought, because it will be with fresh basil. Sprinkle the leaves on a kebab, or over your spaghetti. And you will still have enough left to make a basil infused hot tea. A basil fiesta is a sure thing with an indoor garden!

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Cloning With Aerogarden

May 7th, 2011
Cloning With Aerogarden

Cloning With Aerogarden

Aerogarden UK is pleased to announce that our perfect little indoor garden can now clone your plants. There are many plants like basil, peppers, tomatoes or roses that can successfully undergo a rooting cutting. When you do this you will get an exact copy of your original plant. Therefore, if you have beautiful roses, you can make them double and give them to a friend. If your tomatoes are growing plump and delicious – there you have it – just clone them! This will actually save you money, because you will not have to buy extra seeds of peppers or tomatoes if the ones you have turned out great. Why worrying how the new seed kit will turn out when you have a plant that has a proven quality and you can just clone it. Here is how it works.

  1. Select cuttings of the plant you would like to clone.
  2. Put the cuttings in the cups and make sure they have enough air and light.
  3. Check out the instructions for propagating the clones and follow them.
  4. Check on your plants from time to time to see how the clones are adjusting.
  5. Enjoy your new harvest.

Our garden self adjusts so it dispenses enough water and light to the plants, so do not worry about that. Soon you will have the healthiest plants possible – never exposed to bugs, diseases and chemicals.

Aerogarden UK will be ready to answer any questions regarding cloning. Call us to share your experience.

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