Aerogarden Reviews

References and reviews from our Aerogarden customers

Since started in 2007 we have gained many loyal, satisfied customers. We started this section on 8th January 2008 to reassure customers who are purchasing from us about our product and service. You can also look at our for independently audited review with Google for comments from Aerogarden customers.

Average Google Service Rating

4.9 / 5

Based on 114 reviews
“I am very pleased with the whole experience from the ‘Aerogarden’ company. This is my second round of herbs which I use everyday and think are fabulous - my cooking has never tasted so great! Thanks again for prompt service and delivery and the great customer attention and follow-up received - no doubt will be coming back again.” Nicole, 24th April

“Have recieved order which was next day delivery (fantastic) and product was in fine order.” Vernon Peake, 23rd April

” I’ve been giving away excess bags of basil since November 2008 to the present day! I’ll try the peppers next but I’ll wait until the end of summer to sow them so that I harvest them over the winter period when there will be no chance of harvesting them from the garden. The Areogarden may seen like an expensive outlay initially but when you can harvest basil or peppers in winter at home, rather than paying supermarket prices for them, it soon pays for itself. Brilliant idea: I may have to buy a few more!!”Paulene Quinn, 21st April

“Very prompt service, much appreciated and will send pictures of our tomato plants when they’re up and running..  The herbs we’ve had since Christmas have been fabulous.” Carol Gibbs, 20th April

“Apologies for the wait before reply but I was away for a while and the Aerogarden was a gift and so wasn’t opened straight away! My wife is thrilled with the product - she set it up last night and found it very easy to install and put together. She then engrossed herself in the growing guide for the rest of the evening! Everything looks like its works fine and she’s currently trying to grow a batch of tomatos! Thanks for the excellent delivery also, the service was second to none and I was really pleased with the service.” Rick Milburn, 15th April

“Thank you the order arrived safe and sound and is ready to be installed when the last crop is finished.  We are very happy with our indoor garden and have been recommending it to friends.” Pete Donoghue, 7th April

“The products and range, service and customer contact is second to non with this company. Everything is exactly as they say it is and the efficiency with which the company is run seems superb. My aerogarden is just beginning to develop and yield and this has to be one of the best things I’ve ever invested in.” Liz Scott, 27th March

“Prompt despatch, and delivery of aerogarden products, a pleasure to deal with as always” Richard Foskett, 26th March

“Thanks for your help Patrick, all arrived very quickly and the love hearts made my day!” Heather Deacon, 10th March

“Well, my husband has just opened his parcel containing Aerogarden and he is delighted, he looks like a kid at Christmas!!!  He has been on line and has signed up for the newsletter and is now working out what he is going to grow first.  So all in all, this purchase has been a success.  Phew!!! Anyway thanks again for a great servic” Clare Lissenden, 10th March

“So far, everything is going great with the aerogarden, it’s working a treat” David Higgins, 9th March

“Everything went brilliantly. I can’t thank you enough, you really saved my bacon. Hell hath no fury like a women who does get a birthday present. The help, advise and customer service received was of the highest order and I would have no hesitation in recommending you or your company. Jo loved the aerogarden and we look forward to a bumper crop later next month. Once again a big thank you.”James Moir, 9th March

“Thanks for my order - delivered very promptly and safely too. I love my fresh herbs from the Aerogarden - the smell is just amazing - and the taste is phenomenal - I’ve never tasted such flavoursome herbs before in my life. When I am starting my Aerogarden with new herbs, it’s a little frustrating - because it seems to take forever before I can harvest them. I know it’s because I’m a little impatient to get my first crop - after saying that - the Aerogarden must be the fasted way to grow herbs - EVER!
Love and Good Health” Tilly Lamb, 6th March

“Our Aerogarden arrived yesterday afternoon. Excellent service! We have been so busy we haven’t even unpacked it yet, but will get it set up this weekend. We are in the process of preparing to move house but once we are settled, and if this works out as well as we expect, we will be ordering the rack and another 2 kits. Depending on the rate of productivity and our usage, we might eventually set up more than that.” D Crossley, 5th March

“Order received, thank you very much.  Very prompt and efficient service.” Alison Wallace, 3rd March

“Thank you for your e-mail, I confirm I received the package last night.  I have yet to check the contents as it is a gift for my partners birthday on Friday and he was home all last night.  I will check the items tonight and let you know if I have any problems.  If you don’t hear back from me, please assume all is well. I must say I am very impressed with the customer service so far and thank you again.” Emma Carlile, 3rd March

“Received it in perfect condition, one day after I received a phone call. Excellent! Thanks a lot!” Lee Arnott, 3rd March

“Thank you , It has worked splendidly and will certainly be ordering more from you in due course.” Ian Groom, 2nd March

“Cherry tomato seeds have arrived. Am absolutely thrilled with my gourmet herbs which were a Christmas present - I have left 5 star glowing reference! It really is my sort of garden as I love gardens but not gardening with all the worms, slugs snails etc. “Louise Cowie, 24th February

“The garden is going well, really growing now. We just started to harvest it last week and I am wondering how we are going to eat it all! We don’t need any more seeds at the minute but will certaintly revert when we do. We may try some chillies next time. “Gemma, 11th February

“I received the package in perfect order. Wow, that was super fast. I set it up already using the salad greens since they seem to be the easiest to grow. I will definitely share my experience with others in Malta and who knows maybe you can start selling over here as well. Thanks again, and by the way thanks for the sweets” Anthony Vassallo, 11th February

“Everything is good with the aerogarden! Arrived no time, good service. It’s amazing.” Mark Roberts, 10th February

“Thanks for your e-mail, the Aerogarden arrived in perfect order yesterday. I’m looking forward with anticipation to getting it growing!” Claire Jeavons, 6th February

Thank you for such helpful, friendly service and super fast delivery! Yet again, I ordered one day and my goods were delivered the next - especially impressive given the terrible weather conditions which have brought the rest of the country to a halt!” Judi Gomes, 5th February

“A first class, friendly service.  One minor problem with the order (one of the light bulbs was faulty) was dealt with extremely quickly and without fuss.  I will definitely be purchasing any further Aerogarden-related items from” Richard Cross, 5th February

“It was great to speak to a real person when I wanted to vary my order. I gave your beautiful petunia Aerogarden to a teacher who had really encouraged and supported my young son on his journey through his studies. It was a rare sight to see a teacher crying with delight! A great present if you really want to put a smile back on someone’s face.” Mandy Bagot, 5th February

“Thank you very much for your help. btw we are now harvesting our first crop, of lettuce - delicious” Jane Mitra, 4th February

“I’ll bear it in mind for a future gift though. Thanks for the quick and honest response. That’s great customer service, and I’ll come to you when I’m looking for future products.” Jeffrey Lay, 4th February

“Yes thank you everything arrived safe and sound and the garden is up an runing. It is really nice that a comapany follows up on enquiries and takes the time to check that their customers are satisfied– much appreciated! CHEERS” Alison Murray, 3th February

“Yes, thanks. It arrived safely, and in good time.” John Fleming, 2nd February

“Yes everything was spot on thank you. Recieved when you said it would.” Zoe, 23rd January

“One of the best sites on the net! I won’t go any where else! such a pleasure to do business with you all at aerogarden. many thanks for excellent service!” Maz Johnson, 23rd January

“Just wanted to say that my order arrived yesterday morning safe and sound and I am very very impressed with your delivery arrangements. To have it arrive under 24 hours after the ‘final’ order was amazing and the delivery company even emailed me to let me know which neighbour had signed for it as I went out in the morning  not expecting it till the afternoon at the earliest. I am very impressed indeed and am just in the process of setting it up in the aim of providing fresh food all winter to my non-hibernating tortoises - perhaps an unusual use for it. I will no doubt be back ordering seed packs and bits and pieces.” Alex Mcgough. 23rd January

“Many thanks for your note. As usual, once I had worked out how to use the computer, everything was plain sailing! Many thanks for your excellent service.” John Van Der Velde, 22nd January

“Goods arrived yesterday, very quick service, I will shop with you again.This is my second year of owning AeroGarden, and I am very pleased with it, I have grown Herbs, lettuce and at the moment Chillies. Thank you” Una Huxtable, 21st January

“All turned up yesterday and everything is ok. Go it up and ruining already so just have to wait now. Thanks alot for help and prompt service.” Nigel Wood, 20th January

“I received the Herb kits last Thursday. Set mine up friday and my mum and dads on saturday. Thank you so much for keeping to your word. We are really looking forward to watching them grow.” Gillian, 19th January

“Thanks for all your help.  Good customer service as always knew what was happening with my order.”  Cath Dixon, 16th January

“If you have any complaints from customers about seeds in their garden kits which do not germinate, you might find it useful to suggest that they should carefully remove the cover of the seed pot, take out the foam plug and remove the ungerminated seeds. Then insert some new seed and tape on the cover again.  I have just done this with ungerminating parsley in my latest Gourmet Herb kit and now have a good pot of parsley growing and rapidly catching up with the other herbs.” Rosemary Bigwood, 15th January

“Just wanted to thank you for such an excellent personal service you provide. Received in time for Xmas as promised and all wrapped up! First shoots appearing now and all is working perfectly. Can’t wait for our first crop!” David Gandolfo, 15th January

“The cherry tomatoes pack for my aerogarden was delivered yesterday (14th January) so thank you for that. The aerogarden is one of the best things I have bought and enjoyed countless herbs from that pack previously.” Marion Scheidecker, 14th January

“Fantastic service as usual….these chillies are really good to grow…trying toatoes in one garden and chillies in the other may have to purchase another garden soon!” Simon Stock, 14th January

“We grew herbs in first lot and are now onto Chillies – which are growing really well and just started to turn red.  Loads produced and great fun.  Don’t need any supplies just now but will order later.   This is a really great product and of interest to anyone who comes to visit.” Bruce Barnett, 13th January

“My Husband bought me the Aerogarden for Christmas. I was really pleased as I saw it on a shopping channel and thought it was really good as I have a Tortoise I thought it would be ideal to be able to grow his food all year round instead of buying from the supermarket and of course use it myself. I have started with the tomatoes. I know this sounds sad but I was really excited when they started sprouting and it is now two weeks and I have just thinned them down to one. Can’t wait for the end results.” Brenda Henson, 13th January

“Thanks for checking if my aerogarden arrived all right. Yes, they arrived as promised next working day and everything seems to be all right. I haven’t had the change to set them up yet but will do this as soon as possible. I cannot wait to see my plants growing. I will let you know how things are going when they are set up. Many thanks for the excellent service and will keep you up to date if there are any problems.” Karen Goethals, 12th January

“My delivery arrived fine, and I now have the Aerogarden up and running and glowing away in the dining room! Looking forward to seeing my little pods sprouting. I’ll let you know how we get on.” Lindsay Shepherd, 12th January

“Everything arrived as promised, thanks for that. The unit is up and running now and looks great in the kitchen. I am looking forward to having my first chillis! I will be happy to provide some feedback and photos for the website / marketing materials once I get some results. Thanks again for the great service so far.” Stuart Marshall, 8th January

“Thankyou. Safely received but not yet planted!” Richard, 8th January

“Recieved delivery this morning and all was fine - rather enjoyed the packet of Love Hearts!” Jodie. 8th January

“I ordered an AeroGarden from your website yesterday but had to cancel today and I want to say how fantastic the customer service is for your company. The guy who took my call immediately cancelled the order. I can guarantee we will be back to buy further seeds etc from your website knowing your serevice is excellent” Lee Anderson, 6th January

“Great customer service, can’t wait to start growing!” Stuart Marshall, 6th January

Thanks for contacting me, yes the lights arrived safe and sound on Friday 2nd as promised, how nice of you to take the time to do a follow up email.I was given the aerogarden as a gift even though I did request it myself, I thought it would be ideal for this time of year to grow the much needed garden weeds and flowers to feed my tortoise who has just come out of hibernation and will soon be as hungry as ever, I only hope the seeds will grow quick enough to keep up to her appetite.  If I have any info, pictures etc I will try to find time to post them for you.“ Ann Metcalf, 6th January

“Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for advice on cuttings. Your suggestion that I view the strawberry cutting blog was helpful.  Having spent most of my working life as a scientist on nuclear power stations, where I had to innovate, invent, adapt and modify ideas, equipment and techniques to solve problems, I still try to push the boundaries in retirement. The aerogarden is no exception.  One of my greatest gardening pleasures is the propagation of plants from cuttings (fuchsias, geranium, carnation, etc), and my question concerned the propagation of unrooted cuttings. The technique for strawberry cuttings looks to be a possible method.” John Ashton, 1st January

“I have to say I think your service was admirable. I received the first  order the next afternoon after ordering and the kits came following on. Thank you so much.” Sue Aston, 30th December

“Thank you for the email. I picked up my Aerogarden on xmas eve, all went fine with that. Thank you again for helping with the redelivery. Mum and Dad were thrilled with it on xmas day, they’d never even heard of it before and I was hoping it wasn’t too much of a random present but apparently they’ve tried all sorts of methods of growing their own cherry tomatoes before and I’d bought them that seed kit aswell so perfect.” Hannah Wilson, 27th December

“Yes the Aerogarden arrived safe and sound and just in time for Christmas - many thanks for the great service.” Rob Cameron, 23rd December

“My order for the Master Gardener arrived within 24 hours - many thanks. My third sowing of herbs is just coming up and I am looking forward to using them in a few weeks’ time. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.” Anne Bigwood, 23rd December

“Our aerogarden is on its way to the first crop. Thank you for your help so far. Our Christmas just got better.” Mr Donoghue, 22nd December

“Thank you for your email. I am waiting for my tomatoes to sprout at the moment.  The parcel was delivered no problem and thank you for an excellent service.  All the best for New Year.” Julie Turner, 16th December

“I have now had my aerogarden for a year - always in use - and find it invaluable. It fulfills all its advertising claims - and more!
Best wishes for Christmas.” Anne, 15th December

“I would like to thankyou for getting the tomato planter to me so quickly. I know that you rang to ensure it had arrived - but I’ve not been asked by Amazon for any type of feedback. Therefore I just wanted to say that your customer service was first class.  I know where to come if I need any more items. many thanks indeed.” Nicky Sweetland, 11th December

“Sorry for the tardy reply.  The service was great, it arrived super speedy!  Thank you so much for the gifts that came with it too! Merry Christmas” Sara James, 10th December 2008

“Thanks all arrived safely “Thank You”.  Am looking forward to seeing it set up and working at my in-laws.  Thanks for your help.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all” Daniela Fiennes-Cox, 9th December

“I recieved the item today, everything looks great, its a Christmas present for a family member so will have to wait till then to see it in action. Thank you!” David Mackie, 8th December

“It went really well thank you. Simon Peggs stocking was a favourite with a lot of the bidders! Simon’s stocking was auctioned at £6,000 and we raised a total of £84,000 (net) Thank you so much for your all your help and generosity, it is greatly appreciated. Kindest regards” Natalie, Macmillan Trust Charity Auction, 4th December - Click here for Press Release

“Thanks very much for the speedy delivery!” Bethan Evans, 2nd December

“They have arrived. Thank you very much for the great service” Ross Plews, 30th November

“Yes thanks - bulbs arrived very quickly and tomato plants are fully illuminated again after the last ones were starting to look a little weary!!” Anne Hopkirk, 30th November

“The aerogarden arrived safely thank you. It is a Christmas gift for my son (a chef) so it will not be up and running for a few weeks yet. I will point him in the direction of the website as he may be interested in signing up for the newsletter. I have already had a look at the blog and found some useful information there. I’m looking forward to benefitting from some of my son’s produce!”Lynne, 28th November

“The new lamps were a success & we are enjoying a new crop of baby tomatoes! Could you please tell me if you still have the wish lanterns at a special price?” Hayley Hutchison-Hudson, 23rd November

“I was really impressed with the service I received - ordering was simple, and next day delivery was great - I really appreciated the follow-up call regarding my query as to whether the parcel could be left with my neighbour! I thought it would be a great gift for my Mum! Thanks again for your exceptional customer service - its a refreshing change in this day and age! Best wishes for the on-going success of Aeorgarden - will see how Mother gets on with hers, and possibly order one for myself in the near future!!Rachel Probyn, 22nd November

“Yes, I received the seed kits, thanks for checking. I’m impressed with the prompt service as usual.  I ordered the kits on Sunday evening and they were delivered on Tuesday. Keep up the good work.” Adam Cranleigh, 21st November

“I’ve been delighted with my Areogarden. I’ve recently finished growing Chilli’s and i have started on the Herb’s. The only problem i have had is using everything i have grown !!! There is so much of it, i have been giving it away to friends and family.  Everyone comments on it when they see it, and i have recommended it to everyone i know. I will probably need to order a new pump/filter in the new year as they are only recommended for two grows, but otherwise its been one of the best items i have ever bought, and i can’t wait to see how the tomato’s turn out, as they will be my new crop in the spring.” Darren Brown, 21st November

“I look forward to lots of coriander…The aerogarden is a pleasure to behold . Thank you and good
luck” Chris, 18th November

“I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Replacement order was received very quickly and my chillies that survived are starting to recover well! I would like to thank you very much for your service since I first contacted you, it has been much appreciated. If the first order eventually turns up here I will be sure to let you know. I will be leaving a very positive feedback on Amazon as well.” Alan Easson, 20th November

“I was searching the internet for some surpised presents for my wife for christmas. My wifes a cook and loves herbs, so i thought it would be ideal. I did a bit of research, and ended up at your site. Bit more than i wanted to spend, but i think shes going to love it.Just got to try and keep it a secret until Christmas.” Anon, 20th November

“Got the delivery yesterday - super quick” John Frost, 20th November

“Can I say how much I am enjoying the aerogarden. To enter my sitting room early in the dark, chilly mornings and to find a bit of summer due to the lights over the herbs fills me with joy… Best wishes Chris” Chris Athey, 18th November

“Everything has arrived.A fast and efficient service and the call about part of the order that was delayed was much appreciated.”Jonathan Leach, 13th November

“Many thanks. Aerogarden, as promised arrived today. Many thanks for a quality service.” Philip, 13th November

“Thank you for your email and your call.  As I said, I’m recovering from major back surgery so am stuck indoors for a few months.  I love plants and gardening, so the aerogarden is going to bring me a lot of joy.  I can’t wait for the plants to start growing!  I was amazed how easy it was to assemble the aerogarden and how neat and tidy it is.  We’ve planted the chili plants as we thought they’d add some heat and colour to the grey, dull winter months.” Suzanne, 12th November

“All well received Thanks. Basil is now showing, but we will have to wait a little longer for the others. Thanks for the sweets! Nice touch!” Anon, 12th November

“Thank you, everything  very good.  And prompt.  Heard about you in a gadget mag and then went on line for you specifically”Katherine Webster,11th November

“Yes, order arrived safely today. Many thanks for your very prompt service.” Dave Tilbury, 5th November

“The delivery was the next day, and Ii have now set up the system. Thanks for the prompt delivery and the follow up email.”Andrew, 4th November

“As this is a christmas present for my son it will be a while before we can give any feedback or photographs, but I can say the feedback on purchasing my aerogarden is all positive, wonderful service, couldn’t believe how quick it arrived…… and the emails to let me know how the order was progressing, well done, wish more companies were like yourselves. Thanks again.” Kathleen, 4th November

“Hi Tom thankyou for your e-mail my Aerogarden is going very well thankyou “ Clive, 4th November

“It was delivered today, thank you very much .I got to know about the product as I have a subscription to “ The Week” in which the product was featured – The Best Gadgets for Cooks under the Consumer section of the magazine Ian Groom, 31st October

“Many thanks. The aerogarden is a gift and will get plenty of use. I saw the aerogarden advertised in various gift mags, but decided to order it through Google as the delivery was quicker and the deal seemed better.” Simon Moore, 31st October

“Thank you,goods arrived safe and sound  just  about 3 days after I ordered them, amazing service.” Antony, 31st October

“I recieved the aerogarden yesterday. It will make a great christmas present for my parents. I searched for the best offer on google for the item and found your site.” Melody Pugh, 31st October

“Yes, all fine thanks. It arrived yesterday. I just googled “how to grow tomatoes” in search of a gift for someone who has had a disastrous growing season and your product came up.” Fiona McWhirr, 30th October

“Hi there. My aerogarden arrived yesterday, all beautifully packed. I have’nt opened it as it is a gift, but I assume it is all there. The delivery was fine. I first read about you in The Week, and if your product does what it says on the tin it is going to make someone very happy!” Emma Meaden, 29th October

“I’m really happy with the aerogarden definitely a product well worth buying, and there were no problems at all with the order, I,ve recommend this service to friends and family as excellent. “ Mr Ackah. 29th October

“Excellent. good communication and fast delivery. “ Adam Clarke, 28th October

“This is one of the best shops in the world! Their product is such fun as well as useful and their after sales is a model of best practice. “ Mrs Hosier, 27th October

“Pump has just arrived. Nice to know that your customer service is excellent - thanks.” Howard Green, 24th October

“Great! Follow up phone calls (2) to check delivery and progress. Couldn’t ask for better customer service. “ Mrs Walker, 22nd October

“Excellent service, everything was despatched and arrived quickly. It was easy to assemble and I had the garden set up in a jiffy. The aftercare is brilliant too” G Casciaro, 22nd October

“Totally thrilled – thanks!!!” Ian Pettigrew, 17th October

“Many thanks Tom for your speedy service” Martin Sorrell, 16th October

“Excellent delivery service,good packaging and there is also a live online help service if needed,and yes my experience with them has been great 10 out of 10. “ Mrs Wade, 15th October

“Amazing service!  Thank you - arrived safely today.” Trish Ellis, 14th October

“Yes indeed - it arrived on Friday. I heard about Aerogarden through a friend; they have an Aerogarden that we thought was a great idea and piece of technology, so I bought this one for my fiancee’s birthday on Thursday.” David Cole, 14th October

“Everything fine and all going well with the garden at the moment.” Dan Haunton, 13th October

“Everything arrived well.  It was so easy to set up!  Got it all done as soon as it arrived and my basil has already sprouted!  Really pleased with the product and the fabulous service received from you. Many thanks, have already recommended you to family and friends.” Gillaine, 10th October

“Was very impressed with speed of delivery thank you. Also loved the trip down “memory lane” with the Refreshers!! My husband gave me an aero garden last Christmas, so i looked online for your website.” Fredwyn, 10th October

“All is good with the garden thanks. Great prompt delivery and good communication. Very impressed with you guys.” Adam Clarke, 9th October

“Thanks for asking, I received the lamps no problems! And thanks for the sweets!
I found you online, bought aerogarden for my brother for Christmas and he needed new lamps. Will place another order soon.”Riikka Vilpponen 7th October

“All perfect with the delivery fingers crossed they grow and nice touch with the lollies” Andy, 1st October

“Everything was great with the delivery. Aerogarden is now set up and starting to grow. Thanks very much! ” Gareth Shaw, 29th September

“The parcel arrived safely and very promptly! Excellent service as always! Thanks for the lollipop!” Kirtstie, 22nd September

“Yes I have a parcel at the post office to collect, thank you for sending it through so quickly.  We found you on the internet when browsing on how to grow chili plants.  Also just to say I have found the whole process excellent from the website to the online help, delivery speed and emails to check all was ok.  I think the service you provide it excellent and will definitely be recommending you. ” Laura Wiggerham, 17th September

“I was impressed by delivery and even more so by the quality and design/aesthetics of the product.I came across your product as I was searching ‘aeroponics’ and ‘hydroponics’, areas which I am interested in developing. Early days, but I think I will need a lot more herbs and other plants than the ‘Aerogarden’ looks to be able to provide as a single unit. This is not to say that it is not a good product. On the contrary, it has helped me to appreciate the value of hydroponics and give me the inspiration to continue with a larger setup. I may want a couple more to see me through the initial stages, and will certainly buy the ‘Master Gardener’ kit so I can experiment with other seeds. Derek Hall, 16th September

“Hi Tom! Everything arrived. Thank you so much, have already set it all up and everythings going great.
Will be buying some more seed kits from you within the next month!” Emine Houssein, 15th September

“I’ve recently grown the mixed herb garden which turned out really well.  Around 5 weeks ago I planted the chilli pack, they are growing so fast!  I think the Aerogarden must rate as one of the best products I’ve ever bought!” Dan Solo, 11th September

“Great customer service by the way! Hope the product makes you a mint!”, 10th September

“aerogarden arrived next day as stated and looks a very nice product, haven’t set up but looks just fine, can’t wait to get going!”Ryan, 10th September

“Hi there,yes the delivery was excellent and the packaging was good too,haven’t set up the aerogarden yet, as I’ve been so busy, but will get around to doing this,hopefully over the weekend and the service I’ve received has been excellent,many thanks,and I will let you know on how I’m getting on with the aerogarden soon,kind regards” Mrs Wade, 9th September

“I was really pleased to do business with you. Delivery was super quick and you easily accomodated my request to change some of the seeds. I have just planted my garden and looking forward to watching it grow. Many thanks, keep up the good work. PS: Any chance that you will be able to order any of the japanese or indian herb kits, that are on the flyer in the box?” Lisa, 8th September

“Everything was great with the order as always.” E Onley. 5th September

“Wanted to confirm that I receved the two Grow Bulbs safely within 2 days of ordering. Very pleased with the quick delivery!” M Jones, 4th September via Live Chat

“You are on the ball - just delivered - not opened yet, but I am thanks to you and your staff all organised for my next project with my aerogarden. I’ve dropped loads of hints for Christmas presents. you never know may get another aerogarden. Thanks for your excellent service.” Sylvia, 28th August

“Thanks very much! Just the sort of service we should expect in this country. Shame it’s always such a surprise when it happens. .” Jeremy, 22nd August

“I just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my email sent Wednesday. I received the 3 new bulbs, the salad greens & master gardener kit yesterday so am looking forward to gettting growing again. I cannot fault your customer service and will be recommending you to my friends.” Kristine, 22nd August

“Everything spot on mate.many thanks for the follow up service,well in touch in the future” Aaron, 19th August

“All I can say is Wow!! The delivery of 90% of my order was next day as advised, and the remaining item was delivered the following day as promised. To be honest I am really impressed with your company’s level of service and I will not hesitate to purchase future supplies from you and I have already recommended another person check you out. I found you through Google by searching AeroGarden.
The tomatoes that I planted less than 2 days ago have already sprouted so hopefully that will be a successful crop, and I look forward to trieing some of the other at a later date.Thats it, if there has to be a complaint then it is this: “Its to easy to use”" G Marsh, 14th August

“Yes thanks. It arrived safely yesterday and has been setup and everything is working as advertised. Just waiting for the plants to grow now! Thanks very much. The service has been spot on.” G Dawes, 5th August

“Thank you for the chilli pepper seeds (Arrived Safely). Nice touch will the lolli-pop. Well, all my gardens are full now so we’ll see how we go. The Gourmet herbs are just starting to come on nicely” Mark Davis, 5th August

“Thank you so much for looking in to this for me. I really appreciate your patience and thoroughness, it’s very reasuring (and quite rare) to receive such good customer service.” Dave Pettener, 4th August

“My wife is extremely happy! So am I!” Steven Howarth, 30th July

“Just arrived, thanks for the Sweet Peas, a nice touch and much appreciated.” Chris Bunch, 29th July

Brilliant, thank you for the fast turnaround. I’ll have somebody home tomorrow to take delivery of the goods.” Mark, 28th July

“yep brilliant thanks very much. all good nothing bad” Greg Basire, 25th July

“Ed…..all was okay and thanks for a great and speedy services.  Ps….the gift of areogarden is going down well with my partner.  Great produce for someone in a flat.” Shawn Gladwin, 25th July

“Yes delivered fine- excellent service!” Laura, 25th July

“I’ve worked with hydroponic systems for just coming up to 15 years so I understand the concept of this product. I used GHE Aeroflo tubes for a number of years which is close to the AeroGarden in principle. I have to commend you on developing a product which is so incredibly user friendly, neat and even adaptable (and economically viable). I’m slightly envious of the product as I have thought for some time this industry could do to introduce this marketplace into homes and possibly schools (but without all the complications of pH & CE meters etc etc). Therefore, I do take my hat off to you for focusing on a more domestic and less commercial marketplace. Also, the hydroponic technique needs a boost where reputation [regarding its application] is concerned.

Anyway, currently my gourmet herbs are all coming along as planned and very easily. I notice there’s a setting for strawberries and I assume you have tested your AGarden with them? I may try this if you have had adequate success with fruiting.” Mark Davis, 23th July

“Thank you for your outstanding service.  I received my aerogarden yesterday and have already planted my first crop. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again.” Christine Bowie, 23rd July

“The delivery was received the next day and all was correct and many thanks for the lolly!!!” Keith , 18th July

“Many thanks - package received safely yesterday, as promised.    Great company !   Look forward to setting it up soon, for my summer seeds !  No doubt will be back !”   Frances, 18th July

“The shelf system arrived in good order thankyou.  Lucky not to have lost one of the bolts which secure the power unit to the shelf but, loose though it was in the box, it was there!. I was well impressed with the speed of delivery.  Got it by 10am the morning after I ordered it!. Excellent service.” Liz Rollason, 14th July

“Robert, thank you for such a prompt delivery, the items ordered arrived by 9.00am the following morning Ist Class Post. I shall be dealing with your goodselves for any future orders. Thank you again for your help” Roy Hughes, 14th July

“Delivered very quickly I will definately use them again.” Mrs j O’Connor, 12th July

“Fantastic and am impressed with the prompt service and advise I have received from them. Makes such a change.” M Broad, 8th July

“Excellent, easy ordering, quick delivery and fabulous customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone “ Glynne Dawson, 7th July

“Everything was fine with the delivery. Turned up as expected and everything looks to be in good order” Matt, 7th July

“You are a gentleman! thank you very much,and I will indeed let you know how it goes. Proper customer service for a change….”Simon Stock, 4th July

“Yes thank you - we are very impressed with the service” Glen Caraccio, 3rd July

“Yes thank you so much for your prompt response - nice touch with the lollipop too!! Will certainly be recommending you wherever possible - and will be buying the garden kit when it becomes available.”Mark WIlson, 27th June

“I received it today thank you very much! I love the lollies too!!!” Lorna, 27th June

“Thank you for your e-mail. I sent you an e-mail on Saturday and I don’t know if you received it? I have resent it again and just wanted to add my thanks again and everything is going fine with the new machine.” John Gordon, 22nd June

“We were only looking at your site yesterday and are actually quite interested in the new garden tray when that become available.  I originally saw the Aerogarden on the I Want One Of Those site, but after digging around on the net decided to go with you primarily based on your customer testaments and accessories that you stock.” Mark Wilson, 22nd June

“Yes, thanks, was waiting for me when I got home just now. Many thanks for the excellent service.” John Campbell, 19th June

Thank you for your rapid response in sending me my Areogarden. It\’s nice to know there are people who are willing to help. Thanks again.” Darren Brown, 17th June

“The Aerogarden has been received, very fast delivery thanks. I have no questions about the set up of the Aerogarden as it has been purchased as a present for my girlfriends birthday next month, so I have not put the kit together yet. I have played with the parts and it does seem pretty straight forward and well constructed from first impressions. I spotted the aerogarden on the gadget show a month or so ago when it was featured on Channel 5!” Gavin Sippitts, 17th June

“Thanks for checking up, everything great, delivery fine and seeds given to my Dad for Father’s Day - couldn’t be happier!! Thanks so much for all your help.” Fiona Morrison, 17th June

“All is fine with bulbs and installation, thank you. Your email and the sweets in with the delivery are all nice touches. Keep it up” :David Shannon, 13th June

“Sent an email yesterday but perhaps I sent it to the wrong email address to say that the kit had arrived ok and also thank you for the sweets included - the children were pleased with those!! Tomato plants growing nicely, just cut down to one strong stem and lettuce well on its way.” Kathy Waterson, 13th June

“Many thanks for the follow up. I am pleased to say the products have arrived very quickly and safely - many thanks for your excellent service. I haven’t had any problems so far thanks but it’s really nice to know there is a point of contact if needed …. very much appreciated. Everything is looking good so far” Pam Crouch, 13th June

“Just a word of appreciation to Aerogardens: My Aerogarden (a Christmas present) has given us enormous pleasure - and profit from herbs throughout the winter. I am now growing my second “sowing” of gourmet herbs. “ Rosemary, 7th June

“Got my new gadget today……up and running in less than 10 mins….awesome!! Excellent instructions and build quality….can’t wait for my first chili plants to appear.” Simon Stock, 6th June

many thanks for my order well impressed with delivery and payment method, and for my previous order of a replacment bulb, once again many thanks, and no doubt will order again.” Robert WIlliams, 29th May

The kit was received on Tuesday, many thanks for the swift delivery (again!). It’s really nice to find a company with such great customer service and support. The kit is planted and so hopefully we’re well on the way to another bumper crop.” Matt, 22nd May

Everything turned up perfectly and the herbs certainly look glad for the nutrients! Having had a look at the master gardener kit I’m also now looking forward to creating my next ‘bespoke’ garden…Thanks so much once again for all your help – I’ve been really impressed both times I’ve ordered stuff from you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other aerogardeners!” Helena Brown, 9th May

Thanks for the replacement bulbs, they arrived very quickly. Due to your outstanding customer service, I have ordered another AeroGarden from you.” Richard Thomas, 9th May

“I received my Aerogarden on Tuesday and everything seams to be fine, Setup was no problem and I am beginning to see the first shoots already.I found out about Aerogarden by chance when I was browsing on the net, I was actually looking for grow lights that would allow me to continue growing Chilli plants through the winter when I discovered your site, Your product seamed like the perfect solution not only offering the year round growth but much quicker and with less hassle too :)Your service was excellent and I will buy from you again when I need another set of bulbs or more plants. Just a query, do you sell the nutrient tablets at all for the aerogarden? Thank you too for the sweeties you included, I thought it was a lovely touch.” Jo Felgate, 24th April

Funny, I was going to email you this afternoon. Received the Aerogarden on Monday (and the extra seed packs which I also ordered) All turned up fine, setup yesterday afternoon and all seems to be working (just waiting for the first signs of life in the next week or so). Found out about the Aerogarden a few months ago on the television (The Gadget Show) – thought it looked really interesting, my wife said then that she would like one, so as it was her birthday this week thought I’d get one for her. As yet no questions, but as we are both new to any form of growing, I’m sure there will be some questions down the line (But I have discovered the forum on your website, seems really packed with info that we will be using over the next few months). Thanks for a great service so far….” Chris Mellor, 15th April

“Excellent service, once agian! Thanks!” Kirstie Holland, 15th April

“Fine Robert , good service ,arrived the next day and working fine” Angus Mcleod, 14th April

Superb service thankyou. Next day delivery as promised. Easy to set up and waiting anxiously for the first signs of life!! Google search pointed me in your direction” Jeremy, 7th April

“You guys get my vote for delivering the goods and in very good time.” Nigel Challis, 7th April

“I have just arrived back from a vacation in Florida and I saw the Aerogarden advertised on their television and searched on Google on my return, and to my pleasure found your site. Setup was easy as your instruction manual is concise and simple to follow, i’m sure I will enjoy the garden and visit your site again to order more seeds etc as and when required.” Margaret, 4th April

Yes, the delivery was fine and the aerogarden arrived yesterday as expected.
We won’t be setting the aerogarden up until next week as we are away this weekend but we may have some questions then!
I found out about the aerogarden through doing a general internet search for herb growing kits or something similar. I then checked some review sites and after reading a large number of positive reviews decided to buy the product from your site. I must also add that Ash was very prompt and efficient in dealing with my email enquiry.” Eimar, 28th March

“Hi Ash, Just wanted to let u know my husband Nic had a look at your e-mail that u had sent me and was able to locate the problem. He has now got the pump working and found that the pins at the back were not in the right positon. The aerogarden is now working in perfectly good order which is down to your information and we are grateful for all your help” Stephanie, 20th March

“You are probably the best aerogarden troubleshooter in the UK at the moment … Have a great weekend” Stephanie, 20th March

“Just to say thank you for dealing with my problem and for the Love Hearts. That’’s what I call customer service!” Diane Beard, 18th March

“Thank you for such fast delivery - really appreciated and will buy from you from now on. Great service received and fast communication. I do not require any information - but thank you anyway!” Rebecca Southern, 11th March

“Thanks for your very prompt reply. I shall certainly buy supplies from you, as the service is very good. I shall also recommend you to friends who want to purchase the Aerogarden.” David Argent, March 5th

“Just to let you know the Aerogarden arrived safe and sound and is up and running! Thanks for being so flexible - great service, thank you.” Robert Thomas, BFPO February 21st

Many thanks - aerogarden arrived safely . Not set up yet as it is a birthday present for my wife next week but my daughter has one already and it is up and working well.” David Williamson, February 20th

“Yes the delivery turned next day, excellent service! No doubt will be in touch for more supplies as & when.” James Lambie, February 18th

“My Aerogarden is an absolute joy it really is, my wife and I adore it and every day we tend it watch it and just take lots of pleasure from it. My wife has already got pots ready to re pot the herbs we are growing as she is desperate to get the chillies on the go next.Your company is onto an absolute winner with this product as there just is no down side to it. We rarely even need to put the kitchen light on anymore either….” Kevin Lewis-Saunt14th February

“Everything is fine. From order to delivery was really quick and efficient. The instructions were very clear and my garden was up and planted within an hour. Can’t see any seedlings yet but it’s only been 12 hours, I’ll have to be patient! I’ve put my other herbs (traditionally planted near the light and they have perked up too.
I’m looking forward to harvest.” G Weinert, 14th February

“Thanks for checking Ed. All is fine, the kit arrived promptly and is underway. You may want to know that the herb kit we had from you previously is doing well (we ended up with two Aerogardens in the end).” Sam Taylor, January 29th

“Thanks Ed, everythings fine and I very much appreciate the prompt delivery. Received Friday, my little plants are very grateful :-)”Mel, January 29th

“Everything fine thanks + first leafs showing on herbs … very impressed” David Gibson, January 28th

“Thanks for your email. Delivery arrived the day following dispatch and the garden is all set up!” Stuart White, January 28th

“Many thanks for the excellent service – lets hope it all grows now … “ David Gibson, January 24th

“Spot on! Delivery arrived yesterday, and package fine. Any issues with growing, I’ll give you a shout.” Paul Allen, 24th January

“Yes everything was fine with the delivery, thank-you for the prompt service.” Phil Mangan, January 21st

“Got them - fitted and working no problem. Thanks for your help and excellent service!” David Parkin, January 19th

“Following our telephone conversation I ordered accessories from you and these arrived within 24 hours and it resolved my problem. Thanks for your prompt service.” Adam Young, January 18th

“Just wanted to say thank you very much, the Aerogarden I ordered yesterday arrived first thing this morning. This was meant to be a Christmas present for my partner, but the company I had originally ordered from in November failed to deliver. They finally told me on Christmas Eve that they were out of stock, having promised on numerous occasions that it would arrive in time. So a very big THANK YOU for such a swift and professional service. You’ve helped save my marriage!! Jane Lambert, January 15th

“Great Service. Thank you. Will order again when needed.” Ernie McCosh, January 15th

“Growbulbs arrived the following day, everything fine. Excellent service on your part, thanks.”
Ken Gregory, January 15th

“Thanks. I confirm they arrived safely next day - great service.” T Mcdonald, January 14th

“Thank you for your kind follow up.The Aerogarden is working perfectly with all (herb) pots germinated and going strong. Can’t wait to try a new set ot even as you suggested move onto one of the Master Gardener set ups. Many thanks again for your prompt response.” Robert Aitken, January 14th

“The unit arrived yesterday, thanks very much for the speedy delivery and excellent service. Will recommend you to all…” Robert Thornton, January 11th

“Thank you for your email which has just reached me via Diane, the Head’s secretary. The aerogardens arrived here safely yesterday, I think, and were waiting for me in my prep room when I got to school this morning. I have assembled them and all seems well, lights come on etc. We are looking forward to a bumper crop of herbs but worry if it is wise to eat anything grown in a science lab!
The gardens have been greeted very enthusiastically by everyone who has seen them. I and another SAD sufferer in the department are particularly keen on the bright light they emit especially on this very grey day. Perhaps this could be an additional feature to market!” King’s High School for Girls, January 11th

“Thank you, arrived and installed.  All seems fine, thank you for the fast service.” Carli January 11th

“Replacement grow bulbs were on my desk at 8:30am the day after ordering.  A piece of foil stood upright (against a bottle) had helped reflect light onto the seedlings at the failed bulb end until the replacement arrived and stopped them bending towards the only working light. I pass this on because this may be a tip others can use in an “emergency”. Thank you very much! Many thanks for you efficient service. Most impressive.” Sue Little, January 10th

” Yes thank you for your very prompt delivery, arrived yesterday.” Tara Bowen, January 9th

Thank you for your e-mail. The unit arrived safely and has been installed. The first seeds are sprouting already. Result – a delighted spouse! Now that we have seen how it works, we shall have to contact you again in due course to order more seeds.Many thanks for your help and quick service.“ Steven Pearn, January 8th

“Many thanks, we purchased it for our daughter who is absolutely delighted and her plants are doing well. I am sure she will order from you soon.” Derek and Gill Southern, January 7th

“Thanks for the prompt delivery. I’m not sure about the setup yet as this is a Christmas present. If I have any queries I will contact you. Thanks for the quality service.” Phil Mangan, December 18th

“Yes thank you the parcel arrived safely yesterday, although I haven’t opened it yet. I am sure all will be fine, Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service, will recommend you to friends, who are bound to ask where we got it from!!” Max Wright. December 13th

“Excellent, brilliant customer service by the way”, Steven Wicks, December 7t