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Engaged Under In a Herb Garden

December 20th, 2011

Aerogarden might be just what you need if you are looking for an original way to propose. We have seen it all on TV and heard so many stories about beautiful, original, scary and unique ways to propose. Some choose to be traditional – bend on their knees and ask for the hand of their loved one, arrange a romantic atmosphere, disperse rose petal on the floor and do it. Others prefer to hide the ring in food – a delicious chocolate cake is among the very popular choices. Others do it while diving, some – skydiving. But what everybody is looking for is the element of surprise. We have the best idea! If you own an indoor garden – that already means that you love your things to be organic and fresh, the idea we have is just that! Get that ring of yours and put it in a beautiful box. But if you want to be more original – skip the box. Just choose a branch on an herb or flower in the garden and hang the ring there. Ask your partner to go and pick up some herbs that you need immediately for a salad. When your partner goes to get what you need and discovers that you hid an engagement ring among the tiny branches – she is going to be mesmerized!

Aerogarden guarantees you the biggest engagement surprise possible!

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