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Time to Clean Out your Refrigerator

November 5th, 2011

With the change of seasons there is a need to make a quick clean so you have plenty of space for the herbs from your Herb Garden! On the 15th of November is Clean your Refrigerator Day. We don’t know how it got started, all we know is that it is a very good idea. With the change of seasons there is a change of cuisine, and most likely if you haven’t eaten it yet, most likely you won’t. So, here are some tips for a quick clean.

For a quick clean all you will need is a garbage bag, a clean sponge, a container with water and dish soap, and perhaps a pair of plastic gloves if you are like some people that forget what they have in their refrigerator until it’s too late. Start from top to bottom, this will enable you to not only throw out the unnecessary items, but also wipe the refrigerator down. Start with the freezer down, if it is easier, spread out a garbage bag on the floor to help you sort if there are a lot of things. Otherwise, simply move things from one side to the other. Throw out anything that has an overdue date, if you can’t see yourself eating it in the near future, and if simply cannot recognize what it is.

Once your refrigerator is cleaned chop up the herbs from your Herb Garden and place them in plastic bags in the freezer to use later.

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