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Aerogarden in the Office

July 15th, 2011

An indoor garden at the office might be the best idea you had in years. Your office is the place where you spend most of your day and sometimes it feels a little dull, there it is, the computer screen staring at you, piles of documents, your schedule, and your deadlines notes. You miss home when you spend too much time there. You can bring some freshness to the office space and make it a little more like home. Put in an Aerogarden. Our product is clean, it does not require watering, and you won’t get dirt everywhere, because it simply does not work like that. What it will do, is bring a little life into the office, bring some delicious aromas and make it feel like you are home. Plant some flowers, and you will have your own beautiful garden there, you can look at it at any time and get some rest for your tired eyes. Or you can plant some tomatoes. When they ripe, just snatch a fresh delicious red cherry tomato and feel its great taste in your mouth. You do not have to go out of the office to get a salad. It will be right there in front of you. Plant some basil, or another aromatic herb and you will have your office smelling fresh and delicious. You can always sprinkle fresh herbs on top of your lunch.

Think about that – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an indoor garden right there, in the office?

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A Herb Bouquet with Aerogarden

July 8th, 2011

Aerogarden gives you an opportunity to raise beautiful flowers at home. But what if your garden is full of herbs only? There is no need to worry, because herb bouquets are the latest trends. They are beautiful, green and they smell delicious. If you have grown basil with our kit you will know that it grows very fast. This means you will always have fresh basil leaves to put in a little vase. And the aroma is magnificent. You can put some dill in the herb bouquet as well. Here is a little trick. Every time you go by the bouquet, just brush the leaves a little. It will make them smell stronger and the aroma will fill the room. A herb bouquet like that is perfect for your dining room. It will bring this specific smell in the area and it will get you ready to eat. The basil aroma will be preparing your guests for the delicious dinner you have cooked. A herb bouquet is also a nice idea for your terrace. If you do not have any pots with flowers there the herbs will bring that green into the terrace. A herb bouquet will make any house or apartment a very homey place. You can even bring this to your place of work. A nice green bouquet, that you can sprinkle over your lunch – wouldn’t that be great?

Aerogarden gives you so much opportunities to be creative – it gives you the ingredients – just use your imagination!

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