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Basil Fiesta

June 15th, 2011

You have not experienced the beauty of gardening until you have an indoor garden. An Aerogarden is the little device you will instantly fall in love with. This magic device will grow so many wonderful herbs, spices, salads, veggies and fruits that you will find yourself wondering how you could have lived without it. Here is some of the magic this garden will create for you. Fast growing Basil. Who doesn’t like Basil? This is one of the herbs that most of us would like to find in our fridge form time to time. Fresh aromatic basil. You do not want to go for the dried one. The aroma is not the same at all. When you do not have a garden to grow it, you buy it. But it darkens and dries out soon if you do not use it quickly. But with Aerogarden you can have it all the time. And the beauty of it is that it is one of the fastest growing herbs. You will never run out of it. In fact, you can use this delicious herb almost all the time – you all know, you will not get tired of it. You will have enough to make your own pesto – much better than the store bought, because it will be with fresh basil. Sprinkle the leaves on a kebab, or over your spaghetti. And you will still have enough left to make a basil infused hot tea. A basil fiesta is a sure thing with an indoor garden!

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Aerogarden Photo of the Week

June 8th, 2011

Aerogarden UK is searching for a great photo each week. Last week we found out an amazing one. Gloria was so inspired by how her indoor garden turn out to be that she decided to doll it up a little. Gloria shared with us that when she looked at the garden it reminded her of an orchard with trees. She was growing tomatoes. As we looked at her picture we realized what she meant. The cherry tomatoes looked just like miniature trees. There were red and yellow ones. So Gloria decided to add some pebbles. Then she thought it would be a nice idea to add a bench. So she found out a really miniature bench and put it under one of her cherry trees. Then she added little watering can and put it on the bench. It really looks like someone was just in the beautiful garden, watering it. We encourage you to be creative. Gloria has set up an example for all of us. With a little imagination you can turn an indoor garden into a cherry tree park! If you have any more ideas about how to decorate your indoor garden, please do not hesitate to tell us. Send us a picture, share your ideas! If you have little kids at home you can ask them to help you in the decoration of your garden. We are sure you can find a lot of miniature watering cans and little dolls in their toys stack. Aerogarden UK is waiting for your call!

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