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How to Prune Your Garden

April 24th, 2011

Setting up your indoor garden is extremely easy. However, after you have started, you are waiting for a great harvest. There are some tips on how to get the best harvest there is. We will tell you how to take care of your herb garden to get the best results.

The most important thing is proper pruning. Whenever you prune, you are collecting harvest and making space for the new growth. First of all, always begin with the herb that is bushier than the others. Remove the part above the third leaf joint. And the rule is to only harvest one third of the plant. The bushier plants are always the fast growing ones, like basil or mint for example. Harvest the newest growth of the plant and you will encourage it to produce more leaves and less stem. When you are gardening, you need to keep your lights as low as possible to stimulate the growth. That’s why you have to harvest the newest growth, because it is the tallest and keeps your light too high. Keeping the light low is done, but now you have to check if all the plants are getting enough light. Some long leaves may cast a shadow on others and block the light. Harvest those leaves, or when it is possible, just turn the pot around, so you make space for the light.

Remember proper pruning is essential for the good harvest. The rules for the indoor garden are – pruning, low lights and enough light for each plant.

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Aerogarden Encourages All Vegans

April 21st, 2011

Aerogarden UK knows that a lot of people want to change the way they eat and become vegans. We strongly support that. Veganism is almost like vegetarianism, but it really excludes all dairy products, eggs and meat. All foods that are processed with animal products are also out of the question. Some of these foods are sugar, some types of wine, they do not wear fur, wool and leather. Recently there have been a lot of people who use this way of lifestyle and lose a lot of weight. The most famous one lately is Bill Clinton. He was determined to get rid of his heart problems and became vegan. There is no need to explain the multiple benefits your body derives from eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoiding meat and dairy products also is good for you, although a person must take the necessary supplements like calcium and iron for example. Our team welcomes this idea and we think that if you want to go this path our indoor garden can really help you with that. The seed kits we offer are a great way to start this important journey for your improved health. We have salad kits, romaine lettuce, chef’s salad kits, if you like chilly peppers and tomatoes – we have that too. We also give you delicious herbs that will make your vegan dishes even better.

Take a look at the Aerogarden UK website and see what we offer, what kind of seeds we have and give us a call.

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