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A Little Tip for all the Indoor Growers

March 31st, 2011

The Aerogarden team has a little tip to share with all our indoor growers.

A Little Tip for all of the Indor Growers

A Little Tip for all of the Indor Growers

We received many inquiries about growing plants, fruits and veggies that are not initially offered in a seeds kit from us. We encourage everyone that has made the wonderful decision to grow indoors with our device. We will support any attempt of growing different and interesting plants and encourage you to share your experience with us.

Today we would like to talk about self-pollinating plants. The seed packages we offer you are designed so as to they can grow perfectly in your indoor garden. But if you decide to experiment with other things we have a little advice that will help you grow better plants. Whenever you plant something that is self-polluting – you do not have to worry. These plants will grow good. Examples of such plants are the orchids and the peas. But in other cases, when what you plant is not self-pollinating – always shake the plants a little from time to time, so you can help them pollinate. Bees won’t do that for you indoors, so you will have to help your garden a little bit if you want the results to turn out good.

Before you plant anything out of our seeds kit, please do check if it is self-pollinating or not. Aerogarden expects to receive any feedback from you on you experiments and wishes you good luck.

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Grow Different Cultures Together with Aerogarden

March 23rd, 2011

If you have chosen to do indoor gardening, you are already on the right path to your better health. Not only will you have organic, pesticide free

Grow Different Cultures Together with Aerogarden

Grow Different Cultures Together with Aerogarden

veggies, salads and herbs, but you will also grow exactly the ones you want at the convenience of your home during any season through the year.

Our wide variety of seed kits will allow you to grow delicious variety of salads like Romaine, green and red leaf, and make all your dishes even tastier with fresh thyme, parsley, dill, chives and other delicious herbs. What many people wonder about and have tried to do is to mix some of the products to grow together, so they have fresh salads and tomatoes at the same time, for example. We recommend all our customers not to cross the different type of seeds in one pod, but instead to put them in different small pods and then grow them together. This has proven to give much better results than the one pod seeds mixing. In addition, when you do that try to arrange the different pots in such a way, so enough light will reach them all when they grow taller. If you put different seeds in one pot, you risk to deprive some of your products from enough growing light as some of them will be taller and make shade for the smaller ones.

Learn how to take better care of your indoor garden and you will have the best products you can harvest.

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