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Instructions for Using Liquid Nutrients

August 3rd, 2010

Aerogarden Liquid Nutrients Sachets for Seed KitsEarlier this year the nutrients for all aerogarden seed kits was changed to liquid nutrients in sachets.
They replaced the old tablet nutrients that often got damaged.  Liquid nutrients last longer and are easier to store – and do not have the problem of dissolving in heat.
But they come in different sizes, and some people have come to us a little confused when adding them in and don’t know which sachets to use.
The nutriens come in 8ml and 5.5ml sachets.
Herb and salad seed kits include just the 8ml sachets, and you should use one sachet per feeding (every two weeks).
For chillies, tomatoes and flowering seed kits, both 5.5ml and 8ml sachets are included. Use all one 8ml sachet per feeding at start up, every two weeks until all the 8ml sachets are finished.
After all the 8ml packets are used it’s time to move on to 5,5 ml packets,
as the plants grow bigger and they need that little bit of extra food. Use two 5.5ml packets at each feeding for the rest of the seed kits life.
We recommend pouring the nutrients to a glass of water first, stir them and then pour the whole glass in.

Just don’t forget to shake well, before opening the sachet.

View the PDF of the Aerogarden Seed Kit and Liquid Nutrients User Manual

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