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New Super Aerogarden being developed

April 1st, 2010

Excitement in the Industry

We are very, very excited to announce that development is under way of a new ‘super’ Aerogarden. Rumour had been circulating around the Aeroponic industry of ground breaking work developing what has been dubbed the ‘TurboGarden’, due to it’s increased rate of growth. What was previously hearsay and rumour has now been confirmed, and in a press release today, April 1st 2010, the announcement was made that the new model was going to be released to the public in early 2011.

Much speculation had surrounded this announcement, with some saying that it would include the ability to grow meats and eggs, meaning that a meal could be grown in an Aerogarden, supplying a whole weeks supply to a family. This was (sadly) not true, but some may say the truth is even more exciting than the rumours. The new features of this ‘TurboGarden’ are as follows;

Dramatically increased speed of growth

Yes that’s right, this new Aerogarden model will grow your tomatoes and chillis from seed to full fruit within 24 hours.  You plant them in the morning, and by evening you will have a full crop of fresh tomatoes, chillis or herbs.  This is due to the new light bulbs that have been developed that release 72 times more energy than the Sun.

More Seed Pods

The new Aerogarden will include a majestic 50 seed pods, meaning your indoor Aerogarden will look more like a field in a farm than a small indoor Aeroponic system.  This has got many bigwigs in the agricultural industry very excited, and the Government is considering introducing legislation that will see the gradual phasing out of traditional farming techniques in favour of giant Aerogardens.  It is thought that enough fruit and veg could be cultivated in just 300 of these ‘TurboGardens’ to feed the nation.

Completely Portable

Expect to see many people in public with their ‘TurboGardens’, as the new model is being designed so it can fold and be carried – without damaging any of the plants!  This means people will be able to tend to their plants whilst on the go, you will be able to eat your lunchtime salad completely fresh off the plant.

The first press photo’s of this ‘TurboGarden’ can be seen here

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