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January 23rd, 2009

aerogarden-tortoiseOver the last month or so at Aerogarden Towers we have noticed an increase in customers who are using their salad greens to feed their pet tortoises.  It is well known that these beloved land dwelling reptiles are herbivores, typically eating a diet based on alfalfa (in the UK this is known as Lucerne), clover or dandelions.

Many customers have found that the salad greens seed kit can be used as an ideal part of a tortoise’s diet, because they are organic salad greens. Although several customers have taken it one step further – purchasing an aerogarden starter kit with a salad green seed kit solely to feed their salad loving chums.

“I am very impressed indeed and setting it up with the aim of providing fresh food all winter to my non-hibernating tortoises – perhaps an unusual use for it. I will no doubt be back ordering seed packs and bits and pieces.”

So if you own a tortoise and are struggling to find adequate winter food for them, get in touch with us at Aerogarden towers on 0845 170 7555 or

Aerogarden Customer Focus , , – Meet the Aerogarden Team

January 22nd, 2009

Meet the Aerogarden Team

The Aerogarden gift wrapping team –

Sarah – Favourite seeds: Chilli pepper

– an easy going Northern lass who also works part time as a salesperson for The Water Cooler Company. She was drawn away from t’up North to work in the “bright lights of the big city and has openly confessed to be loving it!” When she’s not wrapping aerogardens Sarah likes to sit down with cup of hot brew and gravy to dip her chips in whilst watching Corrie, or drag her long suffering boyfriend around Westfield for a spot of retail therapy.

Patrick – Favourite seeds: master gardener.

- Young gun Patrick started his first day at aerogarden towers as a bright eyed kid full of naïve optimism and big ideas… and was quickly ground into a gift wrapping machine in the Christmas run-up. Well done Patrick, you worked like a Trojan.

Sophie – Favourite seeds: salad greens

– Sophie hasn’t been on the aerogarden team for long, but she’s already naming her chilli peppers; Mavis and Tarquin are growing nicely and nearly ready for cooking. She loves prancing around the office singing her socks off and making the twirly bits of ribbon on top of a parcel, and really likes the music that the boss plays in the office.

Robert Laughton – Favourite AG accessory – The Garden Starter Tray

Rob Laughton started aerogarden in the latter part of 2007, his other business include the Water Delivery Company, Man and Vans (removals), The Water Cooler Company, The English Meat Company (fresh British meat delivered to your door), and (selling Berg go karts for children). Look out in 2009 for Robert’s new business, selling wine aerators.

Likes: Robbie Williams, mountain climbing (Chris Moyles eat your heart out, Robert defied biology to climb Kilimanjaro here first)

Dislikes: Clutter, tardiness and anyone at aerogarden towers not working their fingers to the bone

Regional Director of Topsy Turvey Department – Marita
Aussie girl Marita has been a welcome addition to the aerogarden team, since expanding her role in the office from running, our sister company which sells Chinsese sky lanterns, to include heading up our sale team for the topsy turvey tomato planters – sales of which skyrocketed last year when they became a featured product on . Like any good Aussie girl she enjoys nothing more than a bevvie and a barbie, and recently went to see  Girls Aloud in concert.
Customer service/sales rep – Tom - Favourite Accessory: Extended season nutrients

Local boy Tom has become quite the expert in all things aerogarden whilst working here, he is the man likely to be fielding all your queries and questions, whether it be propagation, light settings, nutrient composition or how to turn the lights on, Tom is your aerogarden Einstein.

Likes: guitars, films and any aerogarden troubleshooting he can get his hands on

Dislikes: Tap water of an unsuitable pH for the aerogarden

Roger - DHL collection driver – Favourite seeds – Cherry Tomato

Turning up at aerogarden towers at a prompt 4pm every day, Roger is the legend who ensures that every one of your important orders gets to you the next working day after it is placed.

Likes: Parcels, Gary Barlow, mullets

Dislikes: Having his photo taken/ being asked about his likes and dislikes for aerogarden blogs

Martin - Our Postman

“Stop! Oh-oh wait a minute Mr postman, Mr postman look and see, oh-oh if there’s a seed kit, a seed kit for me…”

Martin is in charge of ensuring all of the smaller orders get out to you prompt and efficiently. Martin is our Royal Mail collections man, and a bloody fine one he is too.

Likes – His cat Jess, post offices, post boxes and penny black stamps.
Dislikes – Incorrect addressing, thrash metal, electromagnetic forces, hardcore origami
Favourite seeds – cascading petunias

Aerogarden employee of the Year:  Ed

Part-time Sports science student Ed is “delighted, overwhelmed and deeply emotional at being awarded joint employee of the year, and I couldn’t be sharing the award with a nicer kid.” Ed had been at aerogarden since the first seed kits came through the door and is still getting aerogardens out the warehouse with the same drive from day 1.

Likes: Running stupid distances in the Lake District, and telling rubbish jokes

Dislikes: Orangina and other hydroponic products on the market, all of which are of a far inferior standard in comparison to the aerogarden

Favourite seeds: International basil
Aerogarden honorary employee of the Year: Louis C-M (Tom Jr)

2008 also saw the birth of head of customer services Tom’s little boy Louis, who, like a cascading petunias seed kit, has blossomed into wonderful 5 month old

Favourite seeds: gourmet herbs
Aerogarden’s sister companies, run by – Chinese sky lanterns, also known as sky candles or floating lanterns these are a safe and fun alternative to fireworks and look beautiful in the night sky – Delivering quality cuts of British meat to your door at competitive prices – Affordable removals jobs within the M25 providing customer service that larger removals companies simply don’t – Bottled water cooler rental for the office or for home, with a team of friendly drivers to get your water to you when you need it – Plumbed in mains water coolers that could save you money in the office, our friendly sales team and engineers provide the quality customer service – This exciting new product is a must have gift for wine lovers – the handheld device does the job of a decanter in the time it takes to pour a glass – giving it a fuller flavour, aroma and texture  – The home of the moov go kart system in the UK – a great toy for kiswho can re assemble the kart into several different shapes. We also sell the full range of quality Berg go karts.

Aerogarden tip of the month:

Make sure your aerogarden is kept topped up with water in the winter months if you’ve got the heating on high indoors. If the aerogarden is allowed to run dry it can seriously damage the pump.