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June 22nd, 2008

It is very important to sanitize the AeroGarden between Seed Kits, not only to flush out dead plant material, but also to flush nutrient residue from the Pump and Grow Surface channels and to kill any pathogens. Follow this procedure at the end of every Seed Kit, even if (especially if!) you are planning on storing your AeroGarden for awhile before planting your next Seed Kit. It is very important to flush the nutrient solution from the AeroGarden before storing it for any length of time to prevent the solution from drying into crystallized mineral deposits within the Pump and water channels.

1) Unplug the AeroGarden.

2) Carefully remove the Bowl and Grow Surface from the Base and take them to a sink. (Whenever you lift the Bowl from the Base, be sure to lift it up before lifting it out so that you do not inadvertently bend the electrical contacts on the front of the Lamp Arm.) Set the Base and Lamp Hood aside. (Note: Never submerse the Base/Control Panel in water.)

3) Remove the Grow Surface from the Bowl and place on a counter near the sink (be prepared for dripping water).

4) Empty the contents of the Bowl into the sink. (Note: Don’t use this water on houseplants… the nutrient mixture may be too concentrated for them).

5) Remove the Seed Pods and plants from the Grow Surface:

Pull the Seed Pods out of the Grow Surface openings. You may need to cut away the roots from the bottom of the seed pods in order to be able to remove them from the Grow Surface. Throw away the Seed Pods and plant debris (plant growth and roots). The Seed Pods cannot be reused (unless you are using the Master Gardener Deluxe Kit, where you can sanitize the split-apart baskets. The Grow Sponges cannot be reused). If you compost, the plant debris can be composted.

6) Rinse and clean the Pump Stand and Pump Filter:

Use a soft scrub brush to clean tangled roots from the Pump Stand.
Remove the Pump Filter from the Pump Stand. Gently scrub the roots from the Pump Filter. Holding it under running water is often a helpful way to flush out debris.
Place the Pump Filter back into the Pump Stand.

7) Clean the Bowl and Grow Surface:
Use a soft cloth or sponge to thoroughly wipe the Bowl and Grow Surface. A mild soap may be used if desired, but it is very important to rinse it thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

8) Sanitize the AeroGarden

Fill the Bowl ¾ full with water.
Add 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach.
Replace the Grow Surface on the Bowl, place the Bowl on the Base and plug in the AeroGarden for 2 minutes. If you have an AeroGarden Classic or Deluxe, select Salad Greens on the Control Panel. If you have the AeroGarden Pro, set it on the Super Grow cycle (to do this, set it on Strawberries, and then press and hold the Select button until the LED light starts blinking, then release). On these settings the Pump is set to run continuously, and this assures that the water is flowing.
Unplug the AeroGarden and empty the bleach water from the Bowl.
Refill the Bowl with tap water and replace on the Base.
Plug the AeroGarden back in and run with the clean water for another 2 minutes to flush the bleach water through the system.Repeat the rinse cycle again to completely flush the bleach from the system. Towel dry the Bowl and Grow Surface before putting them back together and setting them back on the Base.
Your AeroGarden is now ready for replanting.


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June 4th, 2008

We thought that an interesting way to show what people are growing in their Aerogarden would be to have a competition in the month of July to see the variety of customer experiences is. To this end we are opening up a competition – we are offering three first prizes of a £20 credit against your account. This will be immediately applied to the customer account at the end of the July.

We are going to get three judges from our offices to look at both quality of plants – and quality of location of the Aerogarden (we have already had one that is housed in Saudi Arabia with wonderful views of the desert).

Please send in two photos – one focused on the plants themselves and one with a wider view of the location – and a summary of where/when/why. We will show all entries on the on a section of the main website. All entries should be emailed to as soon as possible.

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