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Aerogarden – Extending the height of the lamps

It is possible to extend the height of the lamp past the default setting.

The system which increases the height of the lamp unit extends to a maximum height of 23cms (from the base where the seed pods are inserted to the lamp unit).

We have found that you can pull the lamp unit up further. You simply extend the lamp arm up past the final slot – to the point at which nothing is holding it up. Then by inserting a stopper into the top slot of the arm attached to the base, you can let the top arm fall back onto the stopper. By doing this you can extend the height of the light unit to 35cms. This should be done carefully and we take no responsibility for customers who affect the top unit by doing this.

 The two photos below show firstly the difference in height and secondly a shot from the back of the unit showing how/where we insert the stopper into the bottom section of the arm unit. As you can see from the photos, the power cable is easily long enough to handle this.

When completed you will have the bottom of the lamp arm balanced on top of the stopper you have inserted into the heighest slot on the bottom section of the arm ( I am sorry but there is no easy way to explain this – if you have an Aerogarden you will understand)

Aerogarden Height

From rear

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  1. ffroglet
    July 14th, 2008 at 09:21 | #1

    Thanks. This is a brilliant tip. The chilli plants are much too tall for the aerogarden without extending it like this – and then I’ve had to train the taller ones around the outside of the hood to prevent frying. I’m surprised Aerogarden don’t produce an extension arm as several types of plant would benefit.

  2. August 25th, 2008 at 12:08 | #2

    Agreed. I am hacking the top of my chilli plants twice a week as they grow at an incredible rate. Unfortunately if I don’t keep cutting them back the chillis have a habit of getting too close to the bulbs…

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