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The Aerogarden is an indoor hydroponic garden which allows people to easily grow a wide variety of herbs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, edible flowers, and more in an energy-efficient, organic-based environment.

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You will need to purchase an Aerogarden starter kit to get you going which will include everything you need to have your first crop. After this seed kits and general accessories such as replacement bulbs are available from Aerogardens.org.uk.

The Aerogarden takes around five minutes to set up and includes everything you will need to get your first crop to full cultivation.

Just follow the simple instructions to set up, and the growing process starts immediately, with germination occurring within 24 hours. A mature plant will be ready for harvesting five times faster than if grown in soil. The AeroGarden system monitors itself to create ideal growing conditions for each plant and alerts you when it's time to add more water and nutrients. No soil or natural light is needed, so even low-light spaces are suitable.

Please browse our site for more details on the Aerogarden range or go to our Blog site - www.aerogarden.org.uk/forum - to get some tips and further knowledge of what can be possible with the Aerogarden.



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