Understanding How the Aerogarden Works

The smart garden on your Aerogarden is the brain of the whole operation. These gardens rely entirely on water and the specific amount of nutrients to ensure that the plants grow quickly and healthy. It makes the overall experience of gardening easy and quick. The name Aerogarden comes from the fact that the roots of the plants are in a combination of nutrients and water rather than soil. This makes this garden not only the cleanest but easiest to maintain. There is no need to take the plants out to get sun, or worry about forgetting to add water as there are reminders, as well as special built-in glow lights which ensure that your plants get the right amount of light every day.

Once you receive your garden you will see how simple the whole process is. There are instructions helping you out with the process of preparing your grow pods and ensuring that within 24 hours you get results. Due to the right combination of light, water, nutrients and oxygen the grow pods show results ultra quick in comparison to a regular garden. These miniature grow pods are dirt free and simple to set up so you can enjoy your garden before you know it.

The best part of the Aerogarden is that the smart garden ensures that you never forget to add water as it offers an alarm which notifies you when its time to add water. It also regulates the light intervals necessary to guarantee a healthy and happy garden.  So, enjoy your new garden and the colours it brings to your life.

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