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Adding Green to the Classroom

What a better way to encourage and teach healthy eating at school than an indoor garden? It’s a great way to teach children the importance of their vegetables and a fun way to teach them about hydroponics. They will enjoy taking turns taking care of the garden and even taking it home to share it with their family for short periods of time. Each child can have a specific responsibility, whether it’s adding water or nutrients or cleaning the leaves. This way they can not only learn how to take care of a garden at home but also how light and nutrients work together in order to provide the garden with its essentials in order to grow productively. You can watch them light up as buds turn into flowers and eventually into cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers, or from little patches of green into salad greens. There are many other great options available as well, such as the various herb kits which will be a great addition to any home economics room for when its time to cook. Either way, no matter the age of the students they will enjoy taking care of the garden, and then picking its vegetables or herbs. It can be a wonderful way to teach them to eat healthy and you can celebrate it by throwing a healthy snacks party when the veggies are ready for the table! The indoor garden comes in two colours and offers a beautiful array of seed kits to fit the children’s age group and class.

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