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Winter is Upon us!

Many are turning to the indoor garden as winter is quickly approaching. There is nothing better than to have your own, home grown, fresh veggies, herbs, and flowers in the winter when it’s impossible to plant anything outside. You don’t worry about having dirt all over the floor when you take care of your home garden and you also don’t have the risk of forgetting to take care of your plants our indoor gardens have a reminder for when you need to add water as well as nutrients. It’s truly a great way to enjoy a beautiful garden right at home.

Vitamins are hard to come by in the winter, especially from pure green veggies and it’s not too easy to find fresh herbs for your kitchen. In winter all you will find is packets of dried herbs, which does not have the same effect. Imagine cooking and just reaching over to the counter and breaking off the herb that the recipe requires. Its pure comfort.

Not only is the indoor garden such a useful little gadget which is not only clean but easy to maintain, but it’s also very stylish. Our Aerogarden come in two different colours and who doesn’t want a beautiful green garden in their kitchen to bring life and light in.

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2 Responses to Winter is Upon us!

  1. Susan Thomas Susan Thomas says:

    I am wishing to purchase one of your kits for my daughter who is a keen gardener and lives in a 1st floor Londaon flat.
    I am probably not using your website very well but I cannot find details of the size of the unit or the wattage use of the bulbs and unit itself.
    Could you point me in the right direction please.

  2. admin admin says:

    Hi Susan,

    If you have a look here at our FAQ’s you should find all the answers (about the Aerogarden, not the meaning of life!).

    I am sure your daughter will be delighted with your present.

    Many thanks,


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