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Get your Hydroponic Garden Kit Today

Here at Aerogarden we offer a great hydroponic garden kit which you can have right in your kitchen so you always have fresh home grown herbs at your fingertips at all times. The kit comes in black or white and has everything you need to get started. There are seeds for the main herbs you need in the kitchen, dill, basil, thyme, parsley, mint, and chives, all ready in the pre-seeded grow pods. If you are like me and have a hard time remembering to water the plants, or to make sure they get enough light, the Aerogarden Classic Starter Kit does everything for you. The Hydroponic Garden has special daylight spectrum lights which are timed precisely so the herbs get the perfect amount of light to grow, and there is even a reminder alarm to let you know that its time to add water and nutrients. It’s perfect for anyone too busy to take care of a garden at home but still wants the comfort of fresh and home grown herbs. Another great benefit to the Aerogarden is the fact that there is no dirt to worry about cleaning up because the hydroponic garden depends only on water and the nutrients packs that are included in the kit. The quick start guide will get you on your way to healthier home cooking and a beautiful green garden right in your kitchen.

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  1. Katarina Kostic Katarina Kostic says:

    I would like to perches the AeroGarden Extra, Power Grow Light Booster and Garden Starter Tray. Would you mind to send me some information because I only found Classic version of the product. Thank you in advance.

    Have a pleasant weekend,
    Katarina Kostic

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