Sky Planter by Boskke, now available here!

Sky Planter is the creation of New Zealand designer Phillip Morris, an upside-down planter that has quite literally been turning gardening on its head and has grown a loyal following here in the United Kingdom.

The concept is simple, pot your favorite orchid, house fern or ‘insert beloved indoor plant here’ into a Sky Planter and using the locking mechanism and circular mesh screen your plant will be kept secure and will hang comfortably. Boskke has a range of fixing options including ceiling suspension cables and wall brackets.

sky planter 300x200 Ok, so if the plant is hanging from the ceiling how do i water it? Easy, the planter has a ceramic reservoir in the top that slowly releases water. We gave it a test run in the Aerogarden office and are only watering a small amount twice a week to our prized orchid.

sky planter watering 300x199

We loved our Sky Planter so much that we approached Boskke who manufacture the product and we are now able to offer the Sky Planter to our Aerogarden customers. We feel the products compliment each other nicely and add to the indoor gardening experience.
Head on over to our Sky Planter page to peruse the range and make your selection.

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