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Liquid Nutrients Finally Arrive in the UK

After the announcement from Aerogrow, the american based manufacture of the Aerogarden that liquid nutrients were soon to be intruduced, we here at have been waiting anxiously for their arrival in the UK. After many months of waiting that date has finally arrived, and we now have stock of the liquid nutrients. liquid nutrients 150x150

The old tablet form nutrients occasionally attracted moisture and could cause them to lose some of the valuable nutrients needed for proper growth of plants in the Aerogarden,  this is now a problem of the past. These new liquid nutrients should cut down on both the attraction of moisture and also the problem of the tablets not fully dissolving in the water within the Aerogarden.  It might seem silly to get as excited about something as small as liquid nutrients as we are getting but when something improves our customers growing we think it’s great.

Liquid nutrients are available for the following seed kits – salad greens, chilli peppers, cherry tomatoes and Gourmet herbs, these liquid nutrients are available for purchase on the our website and are included in the new seed kits. We will h0wever be selling our old stock which include the nutrient tablets before we move on to the new stock. If you experience any problems with the tablet nutrients please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve your problem either with replacements or advice on how to get the best results from the tablets.

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